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What we offer

Sidewalks & Curbs

Malatesta Paladino is the commercial choice for Sidewalk installation and curbing.

Concrete Installation & Reinforcing

Malatesta Paladino is the premiere choice for concrete installation and reinforcement.


Our team of expert masons is known for perfection and meticulous work.


After the concrete has been poured, and the sidewalk has been polished...


Spray on fireproofing to meet heightened safety standards.

Structural Steel

The art of structural steel and steel fabrication is a result of years of experience.

Steel Fabrication

Expert certified welders that will secure your confidence.

a few words about us

malatestapaladinoMalatesta Paladino is a masonry and concrete firm with a vision.

A vision to create exclusive, dynamic, safe and unique projects that stand shoulders above the competition. We are a team of hundreds of skilled craftsmen in all areas of contracting that are constantly looking to exceed the expectations of our clients. We bring to the table our dedication and our focus, honesty and integrity, and most of all our creativity and knowledge of our trade. Please take a moment to browse our website where you will see outlined the services we have become known for over the years. We pride ourselves in the variety of services we can provide our clients with, as well as our outstanding reputation. A reputation that we worked hard to achieve, and continue to work even harder to uphold. Our work has been showcased on some of the most popular and well-renowned buildings in NYC, including the Empire State Building, Valentino Fifth Avenue, ABC, John F. Kennedy International Airport. With projects that have ranged from five thousand to ten million dollars, we have explored options for every type of client.

We have left no stone unturned in the effort to fulfill each client's vision. No job is the same, and we make any effort necessary to accommodate the demands of each project. Our customer service, perfectionism and workmanship are the qualities that have allowed us to reign as one of the most reliable and successful companies in the industry.